• The fault code P0236 indicates that there is an issue with the circuit that controls the turbocharger boost sensor. This may cause the engine to exhibit reduced performance or poor acceleration.

Possible Symptoms:

  • Reduced engine performance or power

  • Engine may hesitate or stumble during acceleration

  • Illuminated check engine light

  • Engine may stall or not start at all in severe cases

Possible Causes:

  • Malfunctioning Turbocharger Boost Sensor

  • Wiring or connection issues in the circuit

  • Failed engine control module (ECM)

  • Clogged or dirty air filter

  • Mechanical damage to the turbocharger

Related Parts:

  • Turbocharger/Supercharger: Turbocharger compresses in more air into the engine, hence producing more power output. Problem leads to power loss

Possible Solutions:

  • Replace the Turbocharger Boost Sensor

  • Check and repair any damaged wiring or connections

  • Clean or replace the air filter

  • Inspect the turbocharger for any mechanical damage and repair or replace as necessary

  • Replace the engine control module (ECM) if necessary