• Issue in the fuel pressure detected in the fuel regulator that regulates how much fuel is delivered to the fuel injectors

Possible Symptoms:

  • Engine will enter fail-safe mode and shut down within one minute

  • Vehicle no start

  • ABS disabled

Possible Causes:

  • Failed fuel pressure regulator

  • Clogged fuel filter or screen

  • Restricted fuel lines

  • Fuel pump output not meeting specifications

Related Parts:

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: Fuel pressure regulator controls the fuel pressure and returns any excess fuel to the tank. Problems lead to engine misfire, poor fuel economy & poor acceleration

Possible Solutions:

  • Turn the key on and make sure you have 12 volts on the white/red wire at the solenoid with the other lead of your tested to ground. Check the ground wire at the solenoid back to the PCM. If wiring is good replace the solenoid.

  • If no obvious damages are found test the intake air temperature sensor s reference voltage using the manufacturer s recommended procedure

  • Compares the voltage against the specifications set by the manufacturer

  • If the wiring in the system has no damages and the reference voltage of the intake air temperature sensor is outside of specification, the sensor is likely faulty